Just Do Something Inc. Established in 2004 is a Marketing, Consulting, and Real Estate Educational Company.

JDS Real Estate Educational Institute was formed for the express purpose of educating real estate and mortgage professionals with impact-full classes and workshops on Sales Skills, Product and Industry Knowledge, and Business Building Systems.

Steve Gronlund, the main speaker for JDS Inc., regularly conducts live events in cooperation with and Southern California board of real estate offices.

Why the name Just Do Something?  “Because it is my opinion that most people ‘just do nothing. And doing something can make all the difference.”

As an educator, and a long term professional in the mortgage industry, Steve is in a unique place to see and talk with many real estate sales as well as mortgage loan originators.

Most people lack the skills necessary to build their own business. Steve teaches exactly what he finds is missing or lacking in the industry at any given time.